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Dan and Chip Heath in their Fast Company column ask Does Top-notch Employee Talent Transfer to Other Jobs? and point to a research that shows that best talent is context dependent than independent of the organization. Which makes the point that HR’s job focus should shift from hiring talent to developing it. Interestingly they point to HUL’s reputation as a leadership academy to explain the company’s continued success in India.

Some excerpts from the article

In his new book, Chasing Stars: The Myth of Talent and the Portability of Performance, Groysberg studies a group of professionals renowned for the portability of their talent — Wall Street research analysts. Analysts are a hybrid of researchers and pundits; they study public companies and write recommendations about whether to buy or sell their stocks.

So what happened? Groysberg reports, “Star equity analysts who switched employers paid a high price for jumping ship. Overall, their job performance plunged sharply and continued to suffer for at least five years after moving to a new firm.” Worse, switching firms doubled the chance that an analyst would fall off the rankings entirely (32% versus 16%).

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