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We all face change in the workplace. Whether it’s a major change (merger or acquisition) or a more minor change (to shift schedules, team make up, reporting lines), the impact can be the polar opposite of what was desired when the change was instituted. So what’s the best way to manage that change?

I believe it’s through your company culture. As this IndustryWeek article notes:

“Culture is all about people. Importantly, research has shown that it’s the people component that makes mergers work … or fail dismally! Make no mistake: culture counts, but not only In M&A deals, joint ventures, and outsourcing partnerships. Culture management is also critical to maximize the everyday output of work teams and to minimize productivity-killing conflict that’s so prevalent in many companies’ day-to-day operations.”

Okay, that’s pretty straightforward. I think most of us can agree on that. But what kind of culture is most supportive of change, which seems to be coming ever faster in today’s world – new competitors, new customer wants, new employee needs/demands, new economic challenges? This Strategy+Business article argues for a systems approach:

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