Workforce Surveys

The performance and potential matrix (9 box grid) is one the best talent management tools I’ve ever used. Here’s a tutorial on how to use the tool:

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What is it?
The matrix is used to evaluate an organization’s talent pool. Here’s the basic format:
The X axis (horizontal line) of 3 boxes assesses leadership performance and the Y axis of 3 boxes (vertical line) assesses leadership potential. A combination of Y and X axis makes up the box within the grid that the leader is placed. 1A – High Performance/High Potential, 3C – Low Performance/Low Potential, etc…

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Why use it?
1. It’s a simple way to assess any population of leaders on two important dimensions
2. It’s a great way to facilitate a dialog amongst a senior leadership team. Teams use it to calibrate their expectations and ratings
3. With a good open debate, the multiple perspectives provide for a much more accurate assessment (vs. one person’s opinion)
4. The process can facilitate a shared sense of ownership for the organizations talent pool
5. It’s a great way to identify development needs and transition to development planning

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How to use it
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