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Says the always insightful Scott Berkun: “No one likes meetings and for good reason. In most meetings, most of the time, most people think most of what goes on is a waste of time. So what if you took out all of the stupid, wasteful stuff and left only the useful parts?”

Nicole Steinbok presented the concept of the 22 minute meeting at Microsoft a few months ago, and it’s brilliant. In fact, I’ve seen it used in my partnership with Microsoft, and as a result, I know that when I meet with my clients there, I know that my time will be used wisely. Here are the specifics according to Scott:

Schedule a 22 minute meeting:
Who decided meetings should be 30 or 60 minutes? What data is this based on? None. 30 and 60 minute meetings leave no time to get between meetings, and assumes, on average, people need an hour to sort things out.

Have a goal based agenda: Having an agenda at all would be a plus in most meetings. Writing it on the whiteboard, earns double pluses, since then everyone has a constant reminder of what the meeting is supposed to achieve.

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