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Happy almost October! I can’t believe we’re into fall and looking at another year winding down. How’s your year going?

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This week Sunday Six Pack brings us tips on getting work done with H1N1, a podcast with 2 really smart guys, stopping harassment in the workplace, a frustrating sign for managers, and what to do when you hate your boss.sunday_six_pack

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Cali and Jody bring us: ROWE and H1N1:

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If your definition of work is in a building during core hours, then you’re going to be in trouble.

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If your definition of work is a series of actions executed by individuals and a group who collaborate to deliver specified outcomes, then you can get through anything.

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Cranky Middle Manager and LEAP! with Rick Smith is worth a listen. It’s a 25 minute interview with Wayne Turmel and Rick Smith, author of LEAP!

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So what are the three myths that hold people back?

  1. I have to fix myself… that I have to change inside. What you really have to do is become more of who you really are
  2. You don’t need to go it alone…. Big selfless ideas attract a supportive team that will help you
  3. You don’t need to take dramatic risks…
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Terrence Seamon DAREs us Take the Lead and and Stop Harassment in the Workplace:

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No one should ever have to suffer the pain and humiliation of workplace harassment.

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Simple Rich offers Thanks Mgmt…ARGH!:

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If I sign my signs “Management” they won’t know who I am or feel like they know me, or feel that connection that is so important for a sales people to make with customers, especially in small town retail. (I say small town because the store I “grew up in” has a population of around 25,000. It’s not exactly a village, but it’s no city either, there’s a definite small town feel to it, and part of that feel is when customers know their store’s managers by name.

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Scot Herrick brings it all home with 3 Things to do if You Hate Your Boss:

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In a world where your manager changes more often than your address, at some point in your career, you will end up with a manager you hate. Hating your boss has all sorts of side benefits. Like making your life miserable, adding to your stress, and probably lowering the quality of your work.

The situation is ugly. But, it’s real. What’s a Cubicle Warrior to do?

Happy reading! Please share your favorite articles from the past week in the comments below.

Six Pack photo credit to Dr. Keats

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