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I don’t think I have to go on and on lecturing people that a financial crisis is upon us and that it impacts employers in multiple ways (both on the finance and people sides). I think we all get that. So when I was thinking of posting something that could help people actually move forward, I went for the shotgun approach. There is going to be something for everyone in here but most of it is admittedly from my HR perspective. Without further ado, here are 25 ideas to move forward as both employees and employers:

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For Employees

  1. You need to understand the financial crisis (Brazen Careerist)
  2. You can keep making excuses but it won’t get you anywhere (Chris Brogan)
  3. Before you do anything, pay off your high interest debts (Blog Maverick)
  4. Pursue your career, even if it is finance (Alexandra Levit)
  5. Differentiate yourself in your job search (Kelly Kilpatrick)
  6. Use change as an opportunity to explore possibilities (Blue Sky Resumes)
  7. Good employees stay employed one way or another (Career Hub)
  8. Learn how to invest your money when down (Brazen Careerist)
  9. If you want to go back to school, look at all financing options (WSJ Blog)
  10. What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger (Maren Hogan)
  11. Take a look at this free resource for thriving as an employee (Great Leadership)
  12. Don’t listen to twits when it comes to financial advice (Gawker)
  13. Vote. All of your elected officials have an impact on your bottom line (OregonLive)
  14. Layoffs can hit in unexpected places so be prepared (ESPN)
  15. Know how to prepare for a job interview (CrimCheck)
  16. We’ve been in worse spots collectively and survived (Totally Consumed)
  17. Keep your credit in as good condition as possible (YourHRGuy)
  18. Your network can help you stay in the game even in poor conditions (Your Money Mogul)
  19. You can still negotiate a salary during tough economic times (Secrets of the Job Hunt)
  20. Looking for meaning at work? You need to define it (Gautam Ghosh)
  21. Let the financial crisis teach you lessons you wouldn’t have learned (Penelope Trunk)
  22. Get acquainted with your personal investment strategy…stat (PunkRockHR)
  23. It isn’t a bad thing to temp if only to help keep you current on working (HR Wench)
  24. Are you about to be fired? You should know the signs (Ask a Manager)
  25. How to get ahead if you are out of work in finance (Shifting Careers)
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For Employers

  1. You need to understand the financial crisis (Quiet the Thunder)
  2. In times of crisis, you have to be a leader. Don’t shirk it. (Jason Seiden)
  3. Keep your business transparent to your employees (HR World)
  4. If you’re in over your head, turn off the hose (Blog Maverick)
  5. Know the laws that impact your business (Benefitsblog)
  6. Consider the human impact of layoffs (among existing and future employees) (Fistful of Talent)
  7. You need sales so don’t stop marketing (Copyblogger)
  8. Talk to your employees about their 401k (KnowHR)
  9. Don’t be a employee vulture (Fistful of Talent)
  10. Stay abreast of all options for keeping your business afloat (Benefitsblog)
  11. Realize the human (and economic) impact of hiring someone (HRM Today)
  12. When you cut HR in times of crisis, it comes back to bite you (HR Marketer)
  13. When your company cuts back, so should your executives (HR Capitalist)
  14. Keep your business in your customer’s hands, not the governments (Health Care Blog)
  15. Your job advertising is best spent with companies who won’t be out of business (cheezhead)
  16. Don’t dance on your competitors graves (Deadspin)
  17. When do you do an audit? When you can make the biggest impact (i.e. NOW) (HRM Today)
  18. The downside of hiring freezes? You should know them. (Hiring Site)
  19. Poor economic conditions can bring loses in other ways. Screen your employees. (CrimCheck)
  20. Don’t trap yourself by being overly conservative, it is time to shine (TechCrunch)
  21. History finds a funny way of biting back at those who dare flaunt it (Six Degrees of Dave)
  22. Stop coddling your employees and let them make the right decision (HR Wench)
  23. Your HR team has to be involved in executive compensation (I Hate HR)
  24. Expect and prepare for more litigation as times get more desperate (Manpower Blawg)
  25. You should be an expert in communication with your employees (Compensation Force)
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I know there is more out there so I’d appreciate the help from my always helpful resources. Do you have a piece of advice or a link that you think could help employers or employees move forward in this economic crisis? Feel free to post more resources in the comment section.

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