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I love this post from fellow blogger and pal Terry Starbucker called, My 10 Favorite Leadership Lessons. This post is brilliant and helpful, please go check it out now. Terry’s day job is that of a senior leader and he walks his talk.

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I think Terry covers a lot of great ground in this post – I agree with all his points. Two additional lessons of mine that come to mind are”

  • We are dragon slayers. Dysfunction and disorder – the guck and muck of management – are the dragon.
  • Anyone can be a great manager if he/she gets it why he/she exist. Managers must, everyday, seek to make things better for people, processes, and organizations.
  • OK, one more. Being a manager is a privilege. We have been handed a piece of the organization to run and this is a tremendous burden and privilege. Even front line supervisors have this burden and should feel some sense of awe at what they have been handed in terms of opportunity.
  • OK, one more. People join companies, leave managers. We create the culture and we can lead improvements or breakdowns in culture.
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Check out Terry’s post. What lessons would you add?

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